2014 is over ….2015 is in planning


Well its over for this season. We had a great time and thank each and everyone involved in this years production.

The Great Dave
Boy with tape on his face
Movin Melvin Brown
Ivan Brackenberry
Sidone Henbest
Jane Scofield
Matt Ricardo
Paul Dabek
Lili La Scala
Chris Zaluski
Boris & Sergy
JP Mac
Red Bastard
Magic Brian
Tom Ward
Suns of Fred
Pants Down Circus
Saphire Star
Twisted Hitch
Trash Test Dummies
Chris Bange
Rys Nickolson
David Quirk
Mark Trenwith
Amy Micheal
Foil Arms and Hog

and anyone I forgot.

Also a big thank  you to all the staff at Gluttony who made us feel welcome and helped smooth the journey.

SO………bring on next year!!!!

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