Heckler Review

We got a really nice review. Do you have an attention span? Well good for you! But if you don’t, then variety shows are what you have been looking for your whole life. Variety shows are awesome. They really are like a ... Read more »

Friday Night Sardines

We were sold out last night, packed in by our John West Sardine Packer on the door and had a great show. The late show was very naughty with Glitta Supernova from  "Pretty Peepers" Un-natural Cabaret giving the late night audience ... Read more »

Foil Arms and Hog

These guys are hilarious  and have just a had a smashing review and will be joining us on the 8pm show this Friday night. Tickets are selling fast so do you best to come along.

Tuesday Sold Out

Another great night with super friendly crowds...

1st Show of week 2

Beautiful weather to head down to Gluttony tonight for BEST OF FRINGE VARIETY .   Tonight  "Great Dave" will be having the audience in stitches with his hilarious routines. Come on down.

Sold Out & Review

We had great night yesterday, our early show was a sellout with people sitting on the limited ground space. The closing act was Movin Melvin Brown who was incredible (no idea how old this man is, but he had the ... Read more »

Opening Night

Despite a full day of rain, opening night was terrific. Both shows ran well, almost to time and the audiences had a great time. We are nearly sold out for the early show tonight featuring Movin Melvin Brown.  So get you ... Read more »

Movin Melvin Brown

Headling our first Saturday night show is the amazing "Movin Melvin Brown" Flamboyant, entertaining and back for more with new sounds, Movin’ Melvin Brown returns to Adelaide with his latest successful show! The Ray Charles Experience was premiered at the Avignon Festival ... Read more »

The Great Tom Binns -Hospital DJ

IF you are fan of Little Britain, you are going to enjoy Tom Binns' sick sense of humour as hospital DJ Ivan Brackenbury. Think of an ailment and chances are Brackenbury has a totally inappropriate song dedication to go with it, ... Read more »

Just over a week to go

The first weekend is selling fast and should sell out. This is a good sign.