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Movin Melvin BrownWe had great night yesterday, our early show was a sellout with people sitting on the limited ground space. The closing act was Movin Melvin Brown who was incredible (no idea how old this man is, but he had the room in a state of frenzy by the end. A fantastic show.

Our late night show 11.45 had young  reviewer, this is her thoughts :

Review: Alchemia, Best of Fringe Variety Words: Sharmonie Cockayne  Housed in the La Petite Grand tent in Gluttony, Alchemia is a show that lives up to it’s name. It really does offer audiences the best performers from a variety of Fringe show genres. The show, which consists of four shows in one, boasts that no two nights are the same. Each night presents it’s audience with a new array of acts, and sometimes, like tonight, there may even be surprise guests.The plays at 8pm every night, however, I braved the sudden summer chills and checked out their weekend-only 11.45pm show. Turns out this was a good life choice, as the acts were all kinds of delirious, tired and drunk. Delirious comedians: Hilarious. Drunk acrobats: Gold.Alchemia is hosted by all round comedian clown, Paddy McCullagh; a jolly Irish man who truly knows how to keep the show alive and pumping. Not only is he hilarious, he also wisely noted that fans of dubstep need fix their taste. I just want to take this moment to point out that this is the second time I’ve witnessed a Fringe performer publicly humiliate dubstep lovers mid-show in the past 48 hours. I’m sensing a trend. A trend that, unlike fluro tank tops and ripped jean-undies, I am not ashamed of.A really fit hula hoop performer with flashing hoops and strobe lights opened the show for a mildly anticipated audience. I don’t know if it was her athletic performance or her super toned legs, but she managed to get the crowd into a palpable state of excitement. Judging by the fact that four performers preceded her, I’m going to say that she’s the show’s regular opening act.

Following her, the audience was graced with the presence of a Sydney-sider comedian, whose name I did not catch. He told tales of his son’s birth, the celebratory tattoo of his dog and that time a fluffy white dog latched onto his achilles whilst walking his pitbull. He was less aggressive and told less amounts of problematic jokes than anticipated. My mum thoroughly enjoyed his performance. I could tell by the way she smiled lovingly into his eyes.

The second act, The Amazing Clown Dado, kind of intimidated me. I was so busy worrying that he’d make me (the nerd in the front row) stand up and join his performance (in which he blew up those long thin balloons and ate them) that I forgot to enjoy the show. It’s important to note that his costume consisted of a trench coat with raised shoulders that reached passed his ears. Lady Gaga once wore a leotard much the same.

I’d heard of Cirque Du Bloke previously, and was really excited when they came on stage as a surprise guest performance. I was not excited, however, at the lack of acrobatics. I mean, theme of the night, the two blokes had fabulous gymnast legs, but they barely even used them. Instead, they juggled clubs at each other the whole time whilst simultaneously drinking beer and stripping down to their undies. Drunk. Okay, that wasn’t so bad. Despite them dropping their clubs 57 times, it was a pretty rad act.

The last act, The Great Tom Binns, Hospital DJ, was genuinely funny. The guy uses an iPad to mix his own radio show for a supposed hospital radio- a show in which the DJ does musical shout outs to patients. By the end of the act, Binns had the crowd in hysterics. So much so that the MC noted that we ‘turned out to be an alright audience’. Cool.

All in all, it was a great performance. I took my mum out with me for a girls night, and she genuinely enjoyed it too. She had twinkly eyes and a huge smile spread across her face all show, and that’s something I’ve not seen in a long while. I think if a 20 year old and a 40 something year old can both thoroughly enjoy a Fringe show on the same level, that’s saying something. And Alchemia is sayin’ something.

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